Is it time to finally time to leave the comfort of your parents house? Here are some interesting stats from Europe of when young adults decide to finally leave the nest. 

In 2017 in the EU, young people left home earliest in the three Nordic Member States – Sweden (21.0 years), Denmark (21.1 years) and Finland (21.9 years) – as well as in Luxembourg (21.4 years). They were followed by those in Estonia (23.1 years), Belgium (23.4 years), the Netherlands (23.6 years), Germany (23.7), France (24.0 years) and the United Kingdom (24.4 years).

Am I the only one still living at home? Don't worry you are not alone.

According to Eurostat over one young adult out of four (28.5%) aged 25 to 34 were still living with their parents in 2016. Across the EU, this share ranged from less than 10% in the Nordic Member States – Denmark (3.8%), Finland (4.3%) and Sweden (6.0%) – to about half in Croatia (58.7%), Slovakia (55.5%), Greece (55.0%), Malta (51.5%) and Italy (48.9%).

Although it would be great to move out as a 20-year-old some of our European neighbors don't decide to leave until they reach 30. These included young adults in Malta and Croatia remaining the longest at home. They left home at an average age of 32.2 and 31.9 respectively. Young adults in Slovakia (30.8 years), Italy (30.1 years), Greece (29.4 years), Spain (29.3 years), Portugal (29.2 years) and Bulgaria (28.9 years) also left their parents house at a later stage. 

Top 5 Youngest To Move Out By Country
1. Sweden
2. Denmark
3. Luxemburg
4. Finland
5. Estonia

Top 5 Oldest To Move Out By Country
1. Malta
2. Croatia
3. Slovakia
4. Italy
5. Spain


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