Company Vision - the must have fix for all employers

Although numerous businesses offer fantastic company perks and compensation packages, they still struggle to hold onto many of their employees for longer than their first year.

To ensure your employees stay with you beyond their one-year anniversary, it is important to put the vision of your company at the centre of your engagement strategy.

The issue?

As Gallup’s 2017 report below demonstrates, most companies struggle to engage employees because

Vision: not just another poster display

Frequently, businesses splash their vision out on a wall or display it on a poster, expecting everybody to understand it and get on board with it. However, realistically, this isn’t very effective. In research conducted by Donald Sull, it was noticed that 50% of surveyed employees did not know what the expectations for them in their workplace were. In addition, 60% of the managers that were surveyed could not name the primary goals of their own company. So, how do we fix this?

Make sure you properly verbalise your vision, values, and the culture of your company through all mediums – email, meetings, in person – persisting beyond the time where it becomes dull for them.

People receive information in a variety of ways, therefore, consistently using all these mediums to communicate is the most effective way for employees to begin internalising and understanding the direction of your organisation.
At a company undergoing rapid growth, understanding a shared vision is an asset that will inspire

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