EMEA Language Vacancy Index released today..

Today, Origin Multilingual released their EMEA Language Vacancy Index. The index was built to track Language related vacancies across EMEA. The index allows Origin Multilingual to query and aggregate 1000's of vacancies in multiple languages to identify patterns, trends and analyze the results.

Gerry Rockingham, CEO, commented "Customers are in need of accurate data that demonstrates what is going on in the marketplace. We field queries weekly about how much, how many, when etc Now, utilizing software we can illustrate the specific language demands (vacancies) by City, Country, Region, Sector & Role".

 "Our aim is to interrogate this data and combine it with market salaries and relocation allowing clients to effectively benchmark their positions. We believe customers should have accurate market data and access to an index that offers trend analysis".

 This data is only available to Origin Multilingual customers'. If you are interested in understanding more about benchmarking vacancies please contact us.

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