Origin Multilingual runs cutting edge software to identify, source, screen and manage our Recruitment workflows.

We’ve advertised on 48+ Jobsites, utilize premium EMEA job boards and secured unlimited CV Search licences with the largest & most specialist players. All of this gives us the depth & breadth required to deliver the languages and skills that customers expect.

In 2015 we conducted in-depth market research where we analyzed the largest EMEA Language job board, Indeed.com & LinkedIn. Using our corporate licences we aggregated all employers jobs advertised throughout the year and divided it by the number of language speakers that had registered or possessed a profile on those sites (profile language or language in Job title).

There were between 14 – 46 jobs per person across EMEA. The largest demand was German where there are 46 jobs for every candidate!

If you are interested in understanding language availability, salaries etc please contact us and we can provide you with tailored information to meet your needs.

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